Roots of Empathy Articles

The Roots of Empathy

Fighting bullies with babies David Bornstein, from The New York Times’s Opinionator, talks about Dr. Schonert-Reichl’s work evaluating the Roots of EmpathRoots of Empathyy program. The New York Times, November 201.

Freedom to Flourish Helps the Isle of Man Score a European First
Article about the Roots of Empathy. Isle of Man, October 2009

Learn by Cooing: Empathy Lessons from Little Tykes
Article about Roots of Empathy. Wall Street Journal, February 2008.

Prof Examines Baby’s Power to Teach Empathy
Report on the Roots of Empathy Program. UBC Reports, September 2005.

Taking Lessons from a Baby
Article about Roots of Empathy. The Greater Good Magazine, Spring/Summer 2005.